Undertale: Paying For Temmie’s College

Undertale: Paying For Temmie’s College
I dunno how many people would bother to grind for the Gold (tho its super easy if you got the Dog Residue but even then it still takes awhile) but doing this unlocks the best armor in the game so I think it’s worth it.

EDIT 10/5/2015: Thanks for 20 thousand views! I honestly didn’t think a lot of people would look this up since it’s just a small thing that an easy Google search could get you the answer too but it’s cool you guys found it helpful.

EDIT 2/5/2016: I saw a person use this in a fan dub which is cool. In the future to anyone reading this, if you want to use this footage feel free to do so. All I ask is that you at least credit it with the Youtube link, that’s it. If you credit me by my username that’s cool too but I prefer if you did with a video link so if people wanna see the raw footage they can. Thanks!


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