Smart Ways To Pay For College

Smart Ways To Pay For College
Smart Ways to Pay for College. Author: Experian_US. Download from SlideShare

For many millennials, graduating from college with staggering amounts of student loan debt has become the norm. But it doesn’t have to be. This week, we talked about how to save and pay for college and options to explore to eliminate high student loan balances.

Our panel included: Steve & Annette Economides – New York Times Best Selling Authors and Founders of, Kasasa- a national brand of free rewards checking accounts offered exclusively at community financial institutions, which reward consumers with ATM refunds nationwide, high interest, and no minimum balance, Rod Griffin- Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado- Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

Smart Ways to Pay for College

1. #CreditChat Smart Ways to Pay for College
3. What options are available to fund a college education?
5. Tweet by @ understand the true cost over 4, 5, 6 years. understand the true cost over 4, 5, 6 years. The first place you should look is scholarships and grants. Both have the ability to fund your entire education. Tweet by @Kasasa
7. How can you ensure that you are making a cost- effective college choice?
9. If you want to go to an expensive school, consider taking your Gen Eds at a community college first. Tweet by @Kasasa
11. Private: ,000. Public: ,100. Do the math! Tweet by @Kasasa Average annual cost of community college: ,347.
12. What factors should be included in an overall college budget?
13. Like any budget, a college budget should include an emergency fund for things like urgent trips home. Tweet by @shermanwealth
14. Besides the regulars (housing, tuition, and books) be sure factor in transportation, food, and “fun money.” Tweet by @Kasasa
15. Live off campus if it’s less expensive. Opt out of the meal plan if you can. Budget for trips home. Tweet by @JayFleischman
17. Yes, but it all depends on who owns the account (i.e. student, parent, or grandparent). Tweet by @SFCUNews
19. How can you minimize your college expenses while still in high school?
20. Take classes that earn college credit. You could graduate a semester early! Tweet by @SFCUNews
21. Save during the summers for your “fun money” once college starts. You’ll thank yourself later. Tweet by @dahartattack
22. Work part-time before college and save the money. Tweet by @JayFleischman
23. Taking AP classes in high school that transfer over to college credits will give you a head start! Tweet by @PicaCreditUnion
25. How can someone attend college for free?
26. Never stop applying for scholarships and grants even once you’re in school and always file your FAFSA early. Tweet by @SFCUNews
27. The sooner you start working hard, the better. Scholarships, AP credits, grants…they all help. Tweet by @WeAreMortgages
29. Don’t forget the GI Bill. It’s not for everyone, but it’s there. Tweet by @WeAreMortgages
31. Join the work-study program or another on-campus job. Work during the summer and save for the next semester. Tweet by @SFCUNews
33. Eat dinner in, dessert out (keeps you social). Tweet by @JayFleischman
35. For graduate school, become a TA (teaching assistant) or RA (research assistant) and you’ll get free Tweet by @moneytalk1 tuition and expense stipend.
37. Tweet by @Payoff #CreditChat You can start making student loan payments while still in school, but most give you a 6-month period. Tweet by @SFCUNews
39. Even monthly payments of less than 0 can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments down the line. Tweet by @Kasasa
41. Many repayment programs are available based on income and other factors. Tweet by @CFGCollege
43. NEVER go into forbearance on federal loans. Opt for income based repayment or pay as you earn instead so the Tweet by @JayFleischman the clock keeps ticking on long term discharge.
45. Keep contact info updated with lenders, and always open your mail. You could miss a payment change opportunity. Tweet by @JayFleischman
47. Financial advisors went to college too! Talk to an advisor or take advantage of great personal finance blogs. Tweet by @shermanwealth
49. If you visit a college before applying, you can often get the application fee waived and apply for free! Tweet by @suddenlyfrugal
50. Have fun, enjoy the ride, make friends, study, budget, get good grades and learn independence. Tweet by @CaryCarbonaro

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