Revelation Online | Spirit Shaper | Class Overview


Revelation Online | Spirit Shaper | Class Overview
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Spirit Shaper Skills (Laufie):

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NA/EU skill names by (no specific order):

花灵吐蕊 Radiant Whirlwind
莲华·千叶舞 Life Flow
灵猿·啸空山 Pummeling Yeti
鹰翼击 Eagle Strike
巧语 Fauna
花言 Flora
魂气 Atrophy
灵气 Flourish
春风 Essence of Spring
蛇缠藤 Serpent Snare
月落甘霖 Nature’s Balm
花游风间 Faerie’s Touch
灵击 Spirit Bells
青鸟 Spectral Magpie
飞萤 Firefly Hex
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