Online Colleges – Picking The Best Accredited Online Colleges With The Best Online College Courses


Online Colleges – Picking The Best Accredited Online Colleges With The Best Online College Courses
Online Colleges – Picking the best Accredited Online Colleges with the best Online College Courses.

What Information is in the video?

1. The importance of researching the online college. The question that begs to be asked is this…

What do you need to look for in choosing an online college?

2. Accreditation – Is the college that you will be virtually attending have proper accreditation?

This is the only way that the college can grant you a diploma.

Look for an online college that has been accredited for a longer period of time. These colleges are more credible when looking for a job or career.

3. Do they have a good support staff? Can you actually talk to a real person about for financial aid, technical issues?

4. Make sure you read the reviews! Both positive and negative reviews. Can you deal with the negative reviews?

5. Can you specialize in one concentration? Does the online college offer certification also? How extensive is the online course selection?

Top 3 Online Colleges & Criteria for choosing these accredited online colleges.

A. Affordability: the average cost of attendance for one semester taking 15 credit hours

B. Flexibility: the number of bachelor’s degree-granting programs that may be obtained fully online, coupled with the flexibility with which students may obtain a degree

C. Academic Rigor and Support: the strength and reputation of the online program’s parent institution as well as the range of support services for online college students.

Now for the top Online Colleges with the best online degrees…

1. State University of New York (SUNY) is a collaboration between 19 State University of New York system institutions to provide high quality online degree-granting programs in a variety of disciplines.

A full 50 bachelor’s level degrees may be completed entirely online, the second most of programs surveyed.

OPEN SUNY also excels through the number of support services offered with programs, including day and night tutoring hours, experiential learning opportunities, and prior learning assessments that can accelerate your learning.

Per-semester estimated tuition is currently ,000, the 33rd most affordable of programs surveyed.

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2. Northern Arizona University offers a full 45 bachelor’s level degrees that can be completed entirely online.

Ranging from hotel & restaurant management, to liberal arts, to computer information technology, most degrees offered are skill-centered and geared towards your future career.

Northern Arizona University is also one of the most affordable schools of those surveyed, with highly competitive costs for online degrees and NAU’s competency-based programs that are available for an estimated cost of only 00 per semester.

The competency-based is a flat rate subscription, allowing students to take an unlimited number of courses online for a six month period.

There are no lab or course fees, and all materials required by the courses are available online.

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3. Arizona State University offers 47 bachelor’s degree programs fully online, and a full 80+ programs when specializations and non-bachelor’s level programs are included.

Degree offerings are comprehensive, ranging from art, business, communications, culture, education, engineering, health, language, to STEM. 6 start dates are available per year, allowing students to start on their degree when it works best for them.

Arizona State University is a national research university that offers affordable tuition online, with an estimated per-semester tuition cost of 72.

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Additional Resources For You…

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