Should You Pursue A Master’s Degree (or Graduate Degree)?

Should You Pursue A Master’s Degree (or Graduate Degree)?
In this video, I tell you whether or not you should pursue a master’s degree or graduate degree. I tell you who I talked to, who’s advice matters and the importance of weighing time and investment vs. value and experience, to help you decide between graduate school or not.

I mentor you towards a rewarding career and help you create a life you’re proud of.

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I was at a mentoring event the other night – it was a wonderful dinner, attended by very enthusiastic, keen and excited students. Some were in their second year of schooling and others were closing in on finishing their bachelors degree. Can you guess as to what one of the most common questions would be?

“Should i get my master’s degree?” or “I’m not sure what i want to do after I graduate, but i’m thinking of getting my master’s or taking my GMAT.”

I was in a similar situation myself in my last year of college but instead of just rushing ahead and applying for graduate school, I thought it’d be better to do some research and see if it’s the right move for me.

In this video, I answer the question, “Should You Pursue A Master’s Degree?” and I talk about:

– The people I targeted, that I felt would have the answers I was seeking

– Who I thought didn’t have the right answers at all

– The determining factors in making the decision (investment, time vs. value, experience)

– Why there is no rush to get back into school right away

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