College 101: Credits, Degrees and Majors

College 101: Credits, Degrees and Majors
College Basics 101: What are credits? What types of degrees are there? What should I major in? Relax! I got you covered!

The Credit system is the number of credit hours for a course. The average class is about 3 credit hours. Which means that class meets for 3 hours every week. Either once a week for about 3 hours or twice a week for about 2 hours.

Now most classes with labs lecture for 3 hours and have 1 hour labs. To equal 4 credits. Now for each Semester Full times is 12 – 15 credit hours is full time. That is generally 4 to 5 classes each Semester. I would recommend 3 to 4 classes for your first semester just to wade you into the pool.

Associate, Bachelor’s and Master. There are also Doctoral Degrees and Professional degrees but you can climb that mountain when you get there. An associates degree is normally a two year degrees that requires around 60 credits hours which is about 15 to 20 classes depending on the ones you take. Associates that can be most commonly transferred are Associates of Arts (A.A), Associates of Business (A.B) and Associate of Science (A.S.) Associates of applied sciences are not always transferable some make sure you check with the school you want to go to.

A Bachelor’s degree is a 4 year degree that can be obtained from most 4 year colleges. Bachelors degrees normally require 120 credit hours which is about 30 to 20 classes. You can get a bachelor’s degree in just about anything.

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